Hotel Blood Cleanup

One of our major customers comprises hotels, motels, and lodging businesses. If you run a hotel, motel, extended stay lodging, or AirBnB then are already aware of any and everything that can happen which would result in the need for professional cleanup services. Such situations that can occur would come as a surprise to others including your guests. Hotels can be the site of drug overdoses, crime and trauma scenes, human waste, water damage, mold, and bad smells.

Essentially, if you are a hotel, motel, and lodging business you have seen it all. Hotels are famous for many criminal activities including drug labs, murders, and even suicides. However, you do not have to worry about the cleanup anymore! A1 BioHazard is the best crime scene, blood spills, unattended death, and biohazard cleanup service.

A hotel is known for its ambiance, good and refreshing experience, cleanliness, and good customer service. If a hotel is a site for murder then it can mean downhill for the business. No one wants to stay at a hotel where a guest was murdered. It essentially raises questions on the hygiene and cleanliness of the location. So, what do you do?

You just have to give us a call on our toll-free number and we will dispatch our experts for the initial assessment. Once the assessment is done, our experts can devise a plan for the cleanliness, decontamination, and disinfection of the affected areas. Our team of experts does the job discreetly so you do not have to worry about stigmatizing your property.

Did you have a guest that caused damage to your property because of his smoking habits- stained furniture, the lingering smell of cigarettes and ashes on the carpets? If you have answered yes to these questions then leave the job to the experts and let us restore your hotel to its original and fresh environment.

A1 BioHazard is a leading expert in odor removal and property restoration. Our experts specialize in cleaning and biohazard decontamination. We have helped many customers since we came into operation and have dealt with varying situations including bad smells, severe clutter/hoarding messes, blood and body fluids, human waste, and different cleaning jobs that can make your property unappealing or even uninhabitable.

In an unfortunate series of events, most hotels, and motels that require death cleanup services mainly involve those resulting from suicides. Those who choose to take their lives often have various methods such as a gunshot, wrist-cutting, intentional drug overdose, or suffocation. The question is why do people choose to kill themselves in hotels or motels? The answer lies in the fact that people do not want to put their families through the emotional distress and trauma that can be associated with a suicide cleanup. And, it is something that families should not have to deal with. However, Hotel staff personnel aren’t prepared or qualified to undertake a blood or suicide clean up job from hotel room suicides, and being strangers to the deceased does not make this ordeal any easier. So, who should do the job?

Leave it to the experts to handle this difficult task at hand. A1 BioHazard is professionals when it comes to handling biohazard waste and blood spill cleanups. Many people do not know the dangers associated with blood and bodily fluids waste. If blood spills and biohazard waste are not cleaned up properly, they can result in the spread of infectious diseases. Blood-borne diseases can not only be contagious but harmful to the general environment; contaminating the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

Thus, professional services are required for proper decontamination and disinfection. At A1 BioHazard, we have 100% confidence that our team of experts can complete all cleanup jobs effectively and efficiently.

The entire method of crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, and biohazard waste removal connected with natural or traumatic death necessitates more than following the OSHA guidelines. It requires the experience of our technicians along with rigorous training, and our specialized equipment and procedures.  Along with that, it requires an equipped approach, a can-do attitude, and the professionalism to detach in emotionally distressing situations.

With the spread of the coronavirus, the disinfection of high-traffic areas such as hotels and motels is also important. If you suspect your guest to be infected with the virus, give us a call right away!