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Employers can take all the safety precautions in the world to try to ensure a safe workplace, it’s an unfortunate fact that accidents do happen in the workplace. A1 BioHazard partners with various players in the supply chain such as retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and various hotel chains to provide discreet, quick response 

Whether that accident is an employee injury or a broken pipe causing a chemical leakage- the aftermath can require outside help. Such situations demand professional and expert services that we, at A1 BioHazard can provide to our customers. While it is rare that a business would have a hoarding or severe clutter situation but it is possible for businesses to become disheveled and in extremely poor condition due to years of neglect. When it comes to a large manufacturing unit, different chemical fumes and emissions can lead to a lingering odor or smell. These smells can be harmful to the respiratory system of employees.  A1 BioHazard is an expert at odor remediation and can remove bad smells from the location with complete accuracy. We, at A1 BioHazard, can also take care of any water restoration that you may require. Amongst other cleanup services we also offer mold removal that can be a result of a lack of proper cleaning and hygiene. Our experienced technicians will reach all places that are otherwise overlooked or go unnoticed.

When businesses face accidents or outbreaks it can lead to emotional and financial strain throughout the organization. A1 BioHazard is here to aid businesses throughout the South Florida region by handling all kinds of accidental cleanup jobs that can result in blood spills and other related problems. We are a leading cleanup service provider that caters to industrial and heavy-duty cleaning services for complicated situations. We can handle a range of industrial equipment from heavy machinery to airplanes and are well-acquainted with regulations and guidelines including industrial lock-out/tag-out protocols. You can have confidence in us, we will take care of all your cleaning needs, and provide the expert services that you require without letting it hinder your daily business operations.

A1 BioHazard specializes in all kinds of crime scene, blood spill, and bodily fluids cleanup services in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, and Broward County areas.

It is important for customers to realize that biohazard situations are safety and regulation concerns which can lead to challenges. These challenges cannot be catered to by normal janitorial staff, as they lack the expertise and qualification required. A1 BioHazard is compliant with the guidelines laid down by OSHA. OSHA has laid down regulations related to blood-borne pathogens and A1 BioHazard is constantly working towards adherence to these guidelines. Our employees and customers are of utmost importance and we place their protection at the top. All our expert technicians are properly equipped with protective gear when dealing with high-risk situations. Our s,cientific technique covers all affected areas, to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. Our experts make sure to remove any and all traces of cellular material that exists in blood and biological materials. Our team does a thorough disinfection process and ultimately deodorize the area to rid it of any unpleasant smells. We ensure that the cleaning process is complete and free of any pathogens by the ATP test. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that due diligence is done to maintain the health and safety of your business, that may be at risk.

In these times of the coronavirus and the spread of this infectious disease, it has become increasingly important to rid all areas and high-touch surfaces from viruses and bacteria. If you suspect that your office/property has been exposed to the coronavirus or have found that an employee has gotten sick from it, do not attempt to sanitize the location yourself. The first step is to immediately vacate and seal the place. Call us right up and we will dispatch a team of experts to evaluate the situation. After a proper evaluation is done, our team of experts will decontaminate and disinfect the affected areas. Our experts use hospital-grade disinfectants that are approved by the EPA. A1 BioHazard follows all guidelines laid down by the CDC.

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Florida Coronavirus Cleaning Services

You have come to the right place for Covid-19 Sanitizing Services. Covid-19 is the name given to the disease caused by the newly emergent type of Coronavirus. Despite the surrounding uncertainty regarding this new disease, Covid-19 remains a dangerous and deadly contagous illness for which there is no cure, vaccine or treatment.

The CDC reccomends cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility using EPA registered List N disinfectants by someone who is properly wearing protective equipement appropriate for both the risk and the product being used.

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