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After airports, cruise ships are the second most densely trafficked travel method, and cruise ships see millions of travelers and unique situations. Due to the fact that cruise ships are confined spaces with shared air supplies, outbreaks are an unfortunate but real risk at all times. The spread of infectious diseases can be like wildfire on a cruise ship. Therefore, it is absolutely important for cruise ship owners to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection onboard.

For this purpose, A1 BioHazard is your number one choice. We provide the best cleanup services in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, and Broward County regions.

In rare events, cruise ships may be a location for a crime scene or trauma. In such a case, we, at A1 BioHazard provide the best crime scene/trauma and blood spills clean up in the South Florida region. You need to ensure that your cruise ship is properly decontaminated and disinfected, as there is a high risk of blood-borne diseases. Therefore, for the protection of your employees and guests, you need cleaning experts that can employ an extensive cleaning process to ensure that no biohazard waste and cellular materials are left on the affected areas, which can be a source of disease transmission.

If your cruise ship has been exposed to drugs and cigarettes, it can result in lingering smells, which are unpleasant for your guests and may hurt the business. A1 BioHazard can provide odor remediation services that get rid of all unpleasant smells from your cruise ship. We can also provide the facility for introducing pleasant smells, of your choice, which will be welcoming to your guests.

Our experienced technicians perform all cleanup jobs with dedication and precision. We repeat the cleaning process until our customer is satisfied and the area is completely rid of any bacteria or virus.

We use EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants for our disinfection process. After the cleaning process is complete, our technicians conduct an ATP test to test for any cellular materials that may be left.

No clean-up job is difficult or complex for our experienced technicians, be it mold removal, water restoration, or any other type of cleanup job. Cruise ships and other vessels such as marine vessels have unique requirements when it comes to biohazard waste disposal. Any waste produced has to be stored aboard the ship for an extended time period, mostly for weeks or months at a time, while space is limited. Moreover, biohazard waste must be cautiously managed to avert accidental injury or exposure to staff or guests on-board. A1 BioHazard provides an excellent solution to all your waste and cleanup problems with effective, safe, and easy disposal.

An important point to ponder is to ensure that you do not indulge your staff to do the disinfection job as your staff may not be trained according to the proper techniques laid down by the CDC. Our experienced staff can handle all cleanup jobs as per local and federal laws and regulations.

In the times of corona, it has become increasingly important to ensure that all cruise ships are disinfected and free from this virus. If you suspect that your cruise ship has been contaminated with the virus through a staff member or guest, call us right away. We will dispatch a team of experts who will assess the situation and then create a disinfection plan. We follow all guidelines laid down by the CDC for the treatment of affected areas by the coronavirus.

In a preemptive measure, if you want to ensure that all high-touch areas are free from bacteria, you can get disinfection done even without the suspicion of the virus. A1 BioHazard can do the decontamination of high-traffic areas and throughout rooms, common areas, and workspaces using sprayers and foggers and techniques and products recommended by CDC and approved by the EPA.

Make cruise ships a sought-after holiday destination again by instilling confidence in your guests that your cruise ship is 100% safe and clean. We can provide you with this guarantee and conviction, as we aim to provide our customers with the best possible service.

For a free estimation and consultation, call us now on our toll-free number. Our expert team will assess your situation and devise an appropriate cleaning and disinfection plan. Our team will cater to all your cleaning needs, ensure that you are satisfied with our job.

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Florida Coronavirus Cleaning Services

You have come to the right place for Covid-19 Sanitizing Services. Covid-19 is the name given to the disease caused by the newly emergent type of Coronavirus. Despite the surrounding uncertainty regarding this new disease, Covid-19 remains a dangerous and deadly contagous illness for which there is no cure, vaccine or treatment.

The CDC reccomends cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility using EPA registered List N disinfectants by someone who is properly wearing protective equipement appropriate for both the risk and the product being used.

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