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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The infectious disease that is the Coronavirus is a horror story for everyone. This virus has claimed many lives and is continuing to do so. Many workplaces have resorted to working from home for their employees. The occupational and health administration act (OSHA) regulates the workplace conditions of employees in the United States. All workplaces are subjected to the guidelines laid down by OSHA, which are to provide a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to their employees. Likewise, the same responsibility of providing a safe environment is placed on business owners for their customers and on landlords for rental properties.

A1 BioHazard has been working effectively to make your property safer.  As OSHA has further illustrated the guidelines on the conditions for workplaces when they decide to re-open their offices, we are here to provide you with the best cleanup services that will ensure that your workplace meets the OSHA requirements.

We are experts in compliance with OSHA's guidelines to re-opening, including Identify high-traffic areas, as well as surfaces or items that are shared or frequently touched that could become contaminated. Our process of disinfecting is thorough; once we identify the high traffic areas, we then go on targeting them for enhanced cleaning and disinfection using EPA registered disinfectants and adherence to CDC guidance for controlling the spread of COVID-19.

A1 BioHazard is continuously tracking the new information about the COVID-19 virus as well as with public health recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We provide the best Coronavirus disinfectant and cleanup services in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, and Broward County areas.

Re-opening Guidelines Laid Down for the Coronavirus

The CDC has laid down strict guidelines on the re-opening of offices and businesses. One of the key elements highlighted in the guidelines is frequent disinfection and sanitization of high traffic areas and surfaces that come into contact with different and multiple people. A1 BioHazard uses EPA approved disinfectants for its cleanup jobs.

Still confused about which company to use for the job? Here is why you should choose A1 BioHazard for disinfecting against the Coronavirus:

ProtectionOur trained staff takes extra care while disinfecting the area. We follow the proper protocol illustrated by OSHA when it comes to the administration of disinfectants. We ensure that it is not only safe for you but our technicians as well. Our technicians wear skin protection and eye protection for potential splash hazards.

VentilationOur technicians ensure that adequate ventilation is in place when they administer the disinfectant. It is important to not create a toxic and hazardous environment for the habitants and the technicians.

Proper Quantity and PreparationOur technicians are trained on the quantity of the disinfectants to be used. It is recommended by OSHA to use no more than the amount recommended on the label. We adhere to these safety guidelines strictly, and our staff is trained to take care of it, so that no chemical accidents occur. Dealing with Chemicals

Our technicians are trained to use chemical products effectively. It is important not to mix different chemicals as they can cause a reaction. Hence, our technicians are well-versed in different chemicals and their properties and work accordingly. Furthermore, we indulge in the proper labeling of diluted cleaning solutions. It is important to store and use chemicals properly; otherwise, it can result in hazards.

Suspected Coronavirus ExposureThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended businesses and offices to clean and disinfect surfaces if they decide to re-open to the public. However, if you believe any exposure to Coronavirus has occurred from either a staff member or a customer, you are advised by the CDC to close immediately and wait up to 14 days to re-open unless proper and thorough cleaning services are performed. If your business has closed and needs to re-open as soon as possible, and you are in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, or Broward County areas, you do not have to worry. A1 BioHazard will take care of all your disinfecting needs and will restore your location to a sanitized and safe environment. Our team of experts is updated with all the CDC and OSHA guidelines, so, rest assured, we will give you the confidence you need. Call us now for a free estimation and consultation. We are here for you! We provide the best Coronavirus disinfection in the South Florida area, specifically in Fort Lauderdale and neighboring areas.

A1 BioHazard: Your Covid Cleanup Crew

The A1 BioHazard Covid Cleanup crew is fully equipped with all of the essential equipment and disinfectants that are needed to clean up your property and reduce the risk to its inhabitants . If we receive a call from a suspected exposed area, our crew is dispatched with the proper protective gear for themselves to prevent the spread of the virus. Once our crew reaches the location, a full and thorough assessment of the suspected area is done. Our crew will prioritize the area according to high traffic, high touch, and high-risk areas. We take pride in performing our cleanup job and following the CDC guidelines to the letter, and ensure that proper chemical handling is done. Our expert technicians ensure careful chemical use and preparation- we do not want a chemical hazard on our hands! Our aim is for customer satisfaction, and we reach areas that others would miss out on! Our team uses ULV fogging machines to apply disinfectants and to reach places that otherwise go neglected or unnoticed but can be potential virus bearers.

Our disinfectants are in a mist form, which is not only powerful and effective but a hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure your health and safety; after all, that is our utmost priority. We are aware that disinfectants can have unpleasant and pungent smells. Hence, we try to use specialized disinfectants that have a mild floral aroma. The disinfectant we use is multipurpose; to eliminate any type of risk and stress associated with it. We, unlike the others, use broad-spectrum disinfectant, which is effective on hard surfaces as well as carpets and any sort of fabric. It is non-toxic, ensuring no compromise on the quality of your things. Due to doubtful ways of the spread of the novel Coronavirus, we take no risks and ensure the absolute safety of our clients, which is why our Coronavirus cleanup is not just limited to the hard surfaces, but our spray disinfectants also kill any germs in the air to completely eradicate the risk of airborne spread of the disease. Our equipment, especially our gear, is immediately disposed of according to the CDC guidelines as soon as we complete a Coronavirus cleanup job both for our own protection and the safety of the community, which is our top priority here at BioHazard services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful but has also proved to us that if we cooperate and work together, we can do anything in the world. We as a society have done a tremendous job in minimizing the spread of the novel Coronavirus, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to completely defeat it. Until we eradicate it from our lives and return to normal, the most we can do is follow guidelines to avoid any exposure. Our mission at BioHazard and our Coronavirus cleaning services is perfectly aligned with the CDC guidelines to ensure your safety and security, minimizing the stress; after all, that's the most we can do in these uncertain times.

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You have come to the right place for Covid-19 Sanitizing Services. Covid-19 is the name given to the disease caused by the newly emergent type of Coronavirus. Despite the surrounding uncertainty regarding this new disease, Covid-19 remains a dangerous and deadly contagous illness for which there is no cure, vaccine or treatment.

The CDC reccomends cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility using EPA registered List N disinfectants by someone who is properly wearing protective equipement appropriate for both the risk and the product being used.

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