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Odor Remediation

Odor remediation can be a long, tedious process, especially if the odors have been set into the property over a long period. It becomes increasingly difficult to remove such odors in a short period. Many people are worried when it comes to a lingering and offensive odor that is persistent in their homes or their cars. They may even believe that it will never go away. However, if you are facing an odor issue, do not lose hope as we firmly believe all odors can be removed.

At A1 BioHazard, we have a thorough odor removal process. We have a trained team and the right equipment to ensure a proper odor removal process. Our extensive removal process involves getting to the source of the problem. Once the source is identified, we have an elaborate cleaning process of the affected areas. Moreover, once the affected areas are cleaned, we move on deodorizing and restoring them to their original state- as if they are as good as new. This process is repeated until the job is done. We believe in determination and not giving up until we get rid of all the odor at the property and our customer is satisfied with our services.

We employ multiple methods of odor remediation; some odors require more extensive cleaning and removal than others. Our specialized equipment and odor foggers help to reach deep inside the source of the odor. We can make any surface odor-free, be it furniture, carpets, clothes, your room, and even your car!

Why is Odor Remediation Important?

Lingering odor or smells are not only unpleasant but also unhealthy. Constant, persistent smoke particles in areas of inhabitation can result in respiratory issues and concerns. Hence, it is always a good idea to get rid of that foul or persistent smell. Another major reason why a home or car owners opt for odor remediation is when they try to sell off their house, car, or property. A survey has concluded that property or car plagued with smoke odor is undervalued and can have the price reduced up to a shocking 40%. That is a lot of money in dollar terms! So, if you want to save on some of those dollars when it comes to the value of your asset, it is better to invest in a proper cleaning up service. A1 BioHazard will convert your smoking room/car to a non-smoking one! Now you don’t have to worry about losing out on those dollars when selling your asset.

Our Process

Our odor remediation process starts with an initial assessment, which can be done via phone. We will ask you for a detailed account of the odors or smells at the property. Different circumstances will demand different treatments when it comes to odor remediation. In the case of animal/pet waste and urine, the odor process may require some changes to the property, like, replacement of carpets or carpet cleaning. A proper assessment of the situation will determine the odor removal process. A1 BioHazard will provide you with all available options and let you choose the cleaning process. Our elaborate process involves gaining information from the customer through a checklist. Customers will need to ensure that pets, plants, and children are not present on the property when the odor remediation process takes place. Customers will also need to manage any dirty or soiled linens such as towels and bedsheets and make sure that these are removed for laundering.

Our odor remediation process utilizes an effective odor removing fog which is dispersed through the air. Our experts ensure that all surfaces get complete coverage. Our heavy-duty odor solvent helps to break down the molecules that cause persistent odor at the property.

Are you fed up with the lingering smell of cigarettes that seems to have settled into your house and has become a permanent fixture? Do not worry; A1 BioHazard will remove it for you in no time! Leave it up to the experts to finish this job for you.

Our extensive process will treat the odor at the grass-root level, breaking the molecular structure to completely remove the smell instead of just covering it up. We not only purify the air, but we also work to clean the surfaces and remove staining that may have been caused due to lingering and suspended smoke particles. Once we are done with the odor remediation process, you will get a fresh and clean environment with the restored color of surfaces in their original states.

Odor Removal from Cars

A lingering smell of cigarettes is every car enthusiast’s nightmare; not only that, but it is extremely unhealthy as well as it poses the risk of second-hand smoking with cigarette particles suspended in the air. So, how do you remove the odor of cigarettes once it seems to have settled into the environment of the car? So how do you remove smoke odor from a car? It is easier than it seems, but it is better that you don’t take matters into your own hands and invest in expensive equipment for odor removal. Leave it up to the experts to do the job. A1 BioHazard will help you with this problem and completely eradicate the unpleasant and lingering odor of prolonged smoking inside the car. Our experts will leave the car with a clean and fresh environment- as if the car is as good as new! Our trained staff takes pride in the extensive smoke odor removal process. Our cleaning process involves the actual break-down of odor particles that are present on every surface of the car. The process of odor removal from cars is not very different from that of odor removal from a property, but perhaps the intensity of the process may vary. This may be the case because a house has a greater surface area to be covered than a car; therefore, for a car, the intensity can be less. Our commercial-grade machinery such as ozone machines and foggers does not only change or cover the smell, but it breaks the smoke particles down into its simpler forms, therefore completely eradicating the odor from the surface.

The exact treatment of the odor will be determined after the initial assessment is done. If you wish for a free consultation, give us a call on our toll-free number. A1 BioHazard boasts of having the best odor remediation services in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, and Broward County regions.

Introducing Pleasant Aromas

Additionally, A1 BioHazard goes beyond the normal odor remediation process. We can help make your home or property smell pleasant again. This is a service that you will not find anywhere else in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach, and Broward County areas. Our expert technicians are trained to administer various scents, ranging from mild to aggressive such as lavender, orange, lemon, or cherry- you name it, and we have it.  We have got you covered! A1 BioHazard can also help you to prevent lingering smells out of your home or property. Our experts will guide you on the best practices which will leave your home/property smelling great again and for years to come!

The Best Odor Remediation Service!

A1 BioHazard takes pride in being the best odor remediation service in the South Florida region. We have helped many customers get rid of unpleasant smells and have always resulted in 100% customer satisfaction. If you wish to get a free estimation or consultation, feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives are available for your assistance 24/7. We are happy to answer any queries you may have. For more information about our services, you may browse our website. Our experts are here for your help and guidance, and happy customers are our ultimate goal.

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