Medical Waste Pickup Services

Medical Waste Pickup

Let’s state the obvious, waste disposal should be simple. Medical waste disposal service should be just as simple. A1 BioHazard performs medical waste disposal service in Broward County in a simple, fast, and affordable way. We tailor the pickup to your needs. We can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc pick up services. We gladly service large and small facilities. Our medical waste customers are a wide array of medical practices, tattoo shops, IV Therapy providers, beauty services providers, rehab centers, wound care centers, vaccine sites, and even pop-up clinics in church parking lots. Our customers prefer us because we keep it simple.

We provide replacement sharps containers and red biohazard waste bags at your request as a value add, meaning we do not profit from the sale of these items. We provide them at cost as a benefit to you. What we sell is our service and our professionalism. Pick up prices depend on location and frequency, and we create simple written agreements, based on your terms, that don't require a law degree to interpret. Call today to find out more 954-419-4338

Many times people are indulging in hoarding or clutter, but they are unaware of it. So, what is hoarding? Hoarding is defined as the inability to throw away possessions irrespective of the value of the possession. A hoarder can collect the tiniest of things without actually knowing why. Hoarding is recognized as a psychological disorder. It is estimated that 2 to 5% of the world’s population has some degree of hoarding issues, with many cases that are undocumented or clinically diagnosed. Hoarding has serious and adverse effects on a person’s health and quality of life.

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Florida Coronavirus Cleaning Services

You have come to the right place for Covid-19 Sanitizing Services. Covid-19 is the name given to the disease caused by the newly emergent type of Coronavirus. Despite the surrounding uncertainty regarding this new disease, Covid-19 remains a dangerous and deadly contagous illness for which there is no cure, vaccine or treatment.

The CDC reccomends cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility using EPA registered List N disinfectants by someone who is properly wearing protective equipement appropriate for both the risk and the product being used.

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